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Frequently Asked Questions

How detailed should my proposal be?

Your proposal should clearly and succinctly convey the topic on which you wish to collaborate with us, your approach, timeline, and budget if requesting funding.  Proposals are typically 1-3 pages in length. Please review our proposal templates on the resources page.

Can I submit confidential information?

No.  All information submitted through the website should be non-confidential for our initial review.  Upon determining sufficient mutual interest, we may choose to enter into a confidentiality agreement to discuss your proposal in more detail.

How much funding can we expect?

Typical collaborative and sponsored research projects funded through Open Innovation may receive up to $50,000 funding to reach a defined proof of concept stage within a one-year timeframe.

What other types of resources do you provide?

Depending on the project, we may provide in kind resources to advance your research. Check out our enabling capabilities under What We Offer to learn more about the types of resources that could be made available for the project.


Do you cover indirect costs?

We may cover a maximum of 10% indirect costs for a project with academic and nonprofit research institutions only.

Can I submit a proposal as a postdoctoral researcher or graduate student?

Yes. We evaluate proposals from submitters spanning a range of scientific levels. If submitting as a postdoc or graduate student, it is important to have your advisor's full support for engaging with us and willingness to participate in the project as needed. As part of your submission, please provide a short statement from your advisor confirming review and support for your proposal to Corteva Open Innovation. 

Are there terms and conditions that apply to my submission?

Yes. Terms and conditions apply to each submission and may be accessed here.

When can I expect a response to my submission?

For proposals to a challenge, please see the specific challenge page for expected response times.

For proposals to an area of Interest with rolling evalutions, we aim to respond with our level of interest within 60 days of receiving your proposal.

For proposals to an area of Interest with quarterly evalutions, we aim to respond with our level of interest within 60 days of the submission cut off date for the quarter.

If you haven't heard from us within the expected timeframe, please email  or your Open Innovation contact for an update.

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