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Powerful Solutions for Brazilian Farmers

Through a research collaboration, Corteva Agriscience and Embrapa, are maximizing resource efficiency, and bringing innovative, powerful solutions to Brazilian farmers and consumers.

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Preharvest sprouting tolerance collaboration

Demonstrating collaboration across industry and academia, Corteva Agriscience and McGill University challenge cereal grain pre-harvest sprouting.

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Tackling Nutrient Deficiency in Africa

Corteva Agriscience, Africa Harvest and others collaborate to develop biofortified sorghum, potentially improving the quality of life of nearly 300 million Africans who rely on the grain for dietary needs.

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Nate Coles

Corteva Agriscience Global Precision Phenotyping Lead, Nate Coles, shares the importance of precision phenotyping to improve plant breeding.

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Collaboration to Identify Crop Stressors

Corteva Agriscience and PEAT scientists collaborate to accelerate crop stressor identification technology into the hands of farmers.

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Jen Hanks

Jen Hanks

Corteva Agriscience scientist and Greenhouse Leader, Jen Hanks, shares her experience on the cutting edge of agriculture research, including her work with plant imaging in controlled environments.

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Tim Nowatzki

Corteva Agriscience scientist and Global Biology Lead, Tim Nowatzki, shares his passion for bringing solutions to farmers and using scientific collaborations to get there. Listen as Tim describes an Open Innovation call to identify new methods for non-destructive phenotyping of corn stalk integrity.

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Lizzie McCusker

Process Chemistry Scientist at Corteva Agriscience, Lizzie McCusker, shares how an internship at Corteva Agriscience led to a career in using biocatalysis and green chemistry principles to guide the design of crop protection solutions.

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Reza Rasoulpour

Global Regulatory Lead for Crop Protection at Corteva Agriscience, Reza Rasoulpour, discusses designing safety into crop protection solutions from the start using toxicogenomics at the Corteva Agriscience Predictive Safety Center.

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Corteva collaborates with Dr Ronald, UC Davis

Explore how collaboration and leveraging biotechnology tools available are part of the solution to our food security and sustainability.

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