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Corteva Agriscience believes that the global scientific community can do truly innovative work when we collaborate. Join us and other thought leaders from around the world to stimulate the development of groundbreaking and sustainable agricultural solutions.

Our Interests

Our interests encompass the broad areas of agriscience we strive to improve with innovative and sustainable solutions. We aim to address unique agricultural needs in our interest areas through collaborations and engagement with the global innovation community. 

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Leveraging biotech, native and genome editing approaches to deliver robust trait solutions across insect control, disease control, herbicide tolerance, output and agronomic traits

Plant Breeding

90+ years of innovation and expertise for genetic gain


Enabling Technologies

CRISPR-Cas technology, advanced genomics, phenotyping tech, and more to help enhance and accelerate product development

wheat germination in soil


Developing biostimulants, biocontrol and other natural-origin products with proven, predictable performance


Digital Solutions

Differentiating and predictive tools that generate actionable outputs

Crop Protection

Innovating in the areas of new active ingredients and formulations for crop protection

What We Offer

Corteva has the expertise and resources to help elevate and advance your research to solve challenges in agriculture. Collaborators may receive the following:

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Research Funding

Short term funding to support proposed research in areas of interest.

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Enabling Capabilities

Access to a flexible range of industry-leading technology solutions to support your research activities.

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Innovation Stories

Growing long-standing relationships happens when we listen to each other and develop strong R&D collaborations. Learn about what makes collaborations successful and get to know our scientists.

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