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What We Offer

With Corteva’s funding and enabling capabilities, we can find solutions for agricultural challenges, together.

Corteva has the expertise and resources to help elevate and advance your research.

We take a flexible approach in our support of each project. Some may receive a combination of funding and Corteva’s enabling capabilities.

Research Funding


Short term funding may be available to support the proposed research in our areas of interest.  Typical projects receive up to $50,000 in funding to reach a proof-of-concept stage within 12 months.

Enabling Capabilities

As a chosen collaborator, you will gain access to a flexible range of industry-leading technology solutions to support your research activities.

CRISPR (Gene Editing)

Corn Leaves
  • Improved plant breeding with even greater quality and accuracy
  • Experience in crop genome editing
  • CRISPR-Cas9 licenses

Please contact to start a conversation about accessing the joint, non-exlusive CRISPR-Cas9 license.


  • Effective and efficient transformation technologies for corn, sorghum, soy, canola, rice and wheat, resulting in single copy events without vector backbone
  • Transformation of commercially relevant germplasm with genes of interest


Drone Flying Over Cereal Crop

Corteva Agriscience offers access to the most advanced methodologies for phenotypic data analysis and predictive performance to help evaluate leads, including:

  • Ear photometry
  • Remote sensors
  • Cutting edge technology (drones, satellites, and hyperspectral imagery)



Corteva Agriscience offers extensive, diverse and commercially relevant plant lines, which can help bring research findings much closer to the marketplace.

Molecular Markers


Access to premier high- and low-density genotyping platforms, with additional capabilities for design of molecular marker assays.


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