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We post time-limited challenges on specific topics throughout the year. If you don’t see a challenge specific to your research, we also accept proposals in our areas of interest. 

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Current Global Challenges

Check out our time-limited challenges currently accepting submissions from the global innovation community.  We'll be posting challenges throughout the year, so check back for new opportunities.  You can also review our past challenges to learn more about the types of questions we are tackling with collaboration.

Heterologous expression of natural products in fungal hosts

Petri plate with fungal colonies

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2021

Funding: up to $50,000

We are looking to collaborate with the broader innovation community on heterologous expression platforms for natural products discovery by exploring the movement of biosynthetic gene clusters of various sizes covering a range of natural product chemospace in fungal (filamentous fungi and yeast) heterologous hosts.


Genome editing for broad-spectrum disease resistance in crop plants

maize gray leaf spot

Submission Deadline: January 31, 2022

Awards: Vector design and synthesis, scientific consultation, and genome edited seed*

Join us in an effort to improve broad-spectrum disease resistance in crops through CRISPR-Cas genome editing. We're inviting scientists to submit brief proposals for edits that have the potential to confer broad-spectrum disease resistance to non-bacterial pathogens in three key crops - maize, soybean, and canola. 


Recent Past Challenges

insulator element

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Plant-derived insulator elements for predictable gene expression

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Insect midgut epithelial cell culture systems

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Non-destructive, in-field measurement of corn stalk integrity

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