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Current Global Challenges

Check out our time-limited challenges currently accepting submissions from the global innovation community.  We'll be posting challenges throughout the year, so check back for new opportunities.  You can also review our past challenges to learn more about the types of questions we are tackling with collaboration.

Sensor agnostic AI models for digital phenotyping

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Digital sensors have emerged as the predominant technology for collecting large-scale data in many industries.  However, the rapid evolution of digital sensor technologies has led to the replacement of older sensor types with newer ones.  This transition often requires additional data capture, reannotation, and retraining of preexisting machine learning models to maintain their efficiency and accuracy.  We are seeking novel methods or models to universalize data collected by different sensors of the same or similar type without the increased costs associated with re-collecting or reannotating data and re-training existing models.

For this Ideation Challenge we are working with WazokuCrowd.

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