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Heather Snowgren

Open Innovation Manager

Heather Snowgren collaborates with our Research and Development teams as our Open Innovation Manager, based at our Johnston, Iowa, campus. She strives to build engagement with our growing network of external innovators allowing us to strengthen our interactions with the scientific community both inside and outside the organization and shape technical solutions for Research & Development focus areas.  

Heather holds a M.S. in agriculture from Iowa State University and a B.S.E. in biomedical engineering from the University of Iowa. She began her career with Pioneer Hi-Bred International as a research associate in production genotyping and progressed to lead a global sampling team.  Heather has acquired diverse experiences across Research & Development during the past 14 years.  Her demonstrated strengths in interdisciplinary connections, strategy execution, communications, and her passion for collaboration make her a valuable asset to our Open Innovation team.

"Diverse perspectives are key to great solutions.  This building together approach is demonstrated in Corteva’s Open Innovation and reflects our drive to keep solving."


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